Cutters & Trimmers

Tired of that paper trimmer that doesn’t trim, tears your paper, and just takes up valuable counter space?
Poor quality, inexpensive blades are to blame. The lower the quality of steel, the faster the blade dulls and tears your paper instead of trimming it with precision. Poor quality blades also minimize the number of pages that can be trimmed at once.
Kutrimmer Trimmers by Ideal.MBM use German forged steel for their blades, making them far more durable and precise than ordinary trimmers. They come in a variety of sizes, and offer table top, free standing, and powered versions to suit any size office, school, or arts & crafts environment.
For the full range ofKutrimmer Trimmersplease visit the Ideal.MBM website.
Rotary trimmers also offer exceptional precision by running the blade horizontally along a sturdy track.Fellowes Rotary Trimmerscome in a variety of sizes and cutting widths, both manual and powered.

Cutters and Trimmers