Konica Minolta

CrisP Office Solutions offers Konica Minolta Multi-Function Devices (MFD’s) off all sizes, “From the Desktop to the Print Shop” to suit any type of business or organization.

Konica Minolta is an industry leader in the Copier/MFD industry. It has been repeatedly recognized by independent organizations such as Buyer’s Laboratory Inc. and BERTL for innovation, reliability and overall quality.

These are just some of the awards Konica Minolta has received in the recent past,


KM Awards ribbon no BLI

including the prestigious 2014 Buyer’s Laboratory Line Of The Year award for the bizhub™ line for an unprecedented 4th year in a row! This makes it 5 BLI Line of the Year awards for Konica Minolta in the last decade.

Click Here to view the Buyer’s Laboratory article announcing Konica Minolta’s win of the A3 Line Of The Year award for 2014.


Konica Minolta’s BLI Line of the Year Awards, 2011-2014